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Hallo 👋 my name is Raphael and i am based in Vienna. I am an innovator by heart ❤️ My university education positions me exactly in the interface of business and tech. While I love to code and tackle complex problems, I also have an entrepreneurial mind. I would describe myself as someone that gets things done, no matter what.

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NeedNect Solutions


  • based in Carinthia.
  • secured multiple Austrian fundings

CTO and Co-Founder

  • Responsible for product development, technical conception, implementation of the software and development of the business model https://solutions.neednect.com




My service, Radiospotter, is designed to increase your chances of winning a specific radio contest in Austria. My intelligent system continuously screens the radio, alerting you as soon as it detects the contest is taking place. This way, you can quickly enter and increase your chances of winning, all while saving time and effort: https://radiospotter.xyz

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Together with the CTO of deepLYNX, I helped develop a highly scalable and robust system. The software we developed is used in Southeast Asia to unify product data across multiple distribution channels. The concurrency of this process required our software design to include APIs from different companies in different countries. The flat hierarchies meant that I took on a lot of responsibility and worked on large parts of the system. At times also in the frontend. More information about the company: https://deeplynx.com  

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impulse lecture: NFT

For the “Train the team” i was invited as an expert to talk about Non Fungible Tokens. Part of the lecture was a technical introduction followed up by an outlook of possible applications for this technology.


Degree, Information Management

Graduates of the program are able to assume responsibility for the company's entire internal information system, including the necessary IT solutions, in small and medium-sized enterprises. The focus is on the design, introduction, maintenance and further development of the information system in the company. In addition, graduates should also be able to manage the cross-company information networks required in the context of e-business.

The mind map of human thoughts
The mind map of human thoughts

About Me

I use digital technologies to improve lives.

If you ask my grandma, I use magic. 🪄

In reality, I am just using the digital tools available to solve real-life problems.

Humans have been using tools for about 1.76 million years to improve their lives. Whether it is the Acheulean handaxe 🪓 or the latest social media platform 💻, both mean to enrich our lives.

I am passionate about exploring new technologies and seeing how they can contribute to a better life. Today it is the blockchain or a new application of artificial intelligence; tomorrow it can be anything. I am constantly improving my skillset and expanding my tool belt while building software and digital products daily.

Today almost anything can be developed. But it's essential to know what you want to build and how you want to do it. This intricate task takes a specific skill set and much communication. Since not everyone spends hours researching the latest tech trends, sometimes speaking to tech people sounds like **101010010010.**

The good thing is that you found me and I can translate between Business and Tech.

Overall, I use digital technologies to improve lives.

Let me know how I can help you do the same.


Raphael Duhs 1170 Wien Kalvarienberggasse 6 | Austria Softwareentwickler

Mitglied der WKÖ, WKO WIEN, Fachgruppe Wien Unternehmensberatung, Buchhaltung und Informationstechnologie

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